Malahat Mehraban

Master's student


I am Malahat Mehrban, a master’s student in electrical engineering. I work under the supervision of Rachel Bouserhal at RHAD lab. I was born in Iran and got my bachelor’s in electrical engineering at Azad University then came to Montreal to study because I always wanted to contribute to my research field. Currently, I am working on audio and biosignal processing. I am developing machine learning algorithms to classify biosignals (specifically breathing cycles) in in-ear microphone recordings. At this stage, I am investigating features that can be used to train machine learning algorithms. The data collection I am conducting parallel with my research is expected to lead to an open-access database in the near future, which will allow us to accelerate the progress of our research. Among the most important things I can mention about myself is my desire to help others in whatever way I can. So I hope, by completing my thesis, we will be able to monitor all patients’ health conditions in a way that is more comfortable compared to the traditional existing methods and will provide them with a pleasant health monitoring experience and accurate results.